What can we tell you about us?

Well ... our management team have been carrying out market research in Asia since 1980. And during that time we actually managed
to pioneer the development of market research in a few markets like Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam and China. And along the way of course we learned a heck of a lot.

During that time we also worked for almost every packaged goods and service brands in the world. And we learned about everything required for good market research in Asia – dealing with cultural concerns, sampling complexity, ethnicity issues, Read More >>


Our management team in Asia are not only skilled market researchers; basically we “live the life”. Team members
were born and bred in Asia, or have lived here for decades. We have no costly expatriate staff “just passing
through”. We also have the unique experience of having worked across multiple markets, not just one or two,
and have actually been there and seen fieldwork in progress in Phnom Penh, Hanoi, Surabaya, Kunming and
Cebu to name a few outposts.

And we are constantly amused by the "instant Asia experts' we hear from in Europe and the US who
base their expertize on a few projects and visits to a few countries in the region. Read More >>

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