As a buyer of research services you want to know the company you are engaging is solid and capable at the basics of research and will see your project through from design stage to final reporting on performance. Your supplier can only have that capability through wide-ranging research experience. Our directors deliver all of the following capabilities based on a total of over 30 years in the research business in Asia and China. Some case studies are provided that highlight the in-depth skills, analysis capabilities and wide range of experience of the Anovation team.

The Anovation Team learned their research from the best clients and teachers – sensory testing (from our clients in cigarettes, beer, detergents, hair shampoo, etc.), brand positioning research (from our clients in major packaged FMCG’s, international spirits
brands, soft drinks and telecommunications), tracking from brands like Coca Cola, BAT, Eveready, Nescafe, Maggi,
Knorr, Bests CPC, Kraft General Foods, Campbell’s, etc. and pricing andpackaging and distribution work from
Smith Kline Beecham, RJ Reynolds, Nabisco, 3G, Shell, BP and Unilever to name a few.

With this client experience we are more than ready to handle any market research task presented to us.
We believe these are the areas of proven, market tested skills and experience we will bring to you as a client:

Advertising Pretesting Desk Research & Proprietary Market Search Tools
Brand Development and Brand Positioning Brand Performance Tracking
Brand Analytics Other Specialist Areas Of Expertize


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