Brand Development and Brand Positioning

Because we are often seen as playing a marketing advisory role in Asian markets we find ourselves involved with brand development and packaging development, often at very early stages including qualitative screening all the way through to on-shelf testing.

To enhance this process Anovation utilize an online system, developed from the US, that enables those involved with brand positioning, creative support, design issues, etc. to participate in a sharing and brainstorming methodology where the participants can interact from the comfort of their own desks and offices. We call this system the Anovation Creation Lab. The methodology is designed to allow all participants “to have a say” and in the process we have seen major learnings being shared within and across departments and regional operations. We call this technology.

The company also specializes in concept development and brainstorming and we are the appointed agent for
IdeaMap in Asia. IdeaMap is a trade-off technology that utilizes qualitative inputs to develop concepts and
brand positionings. The input is most often internally generated within companies and/or by heavy category
users/consumers. The system thrives on a wide base of ideas and almost always highlights positioning
opportunities that have not been recognized.


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