• Regional research is headed up by Kenrick Leung, Director of Anovation Asia. He has developed a specialist expertise as the liaison between international market research companies in major world centres of the US and Europe and fieldwork and data processing suppliers in all Asian markets. Kenrick is very hands-on, based on years of regional project management
  • Michael Potter, our Operations Director, has a 20 year history at setting up and running world class market research fieldwork and data management operations in markets in Asia. Michael knows everything there is to know about project design including field management, data collection and data management. He has managed every type of survey from focus groups, to central location to large scale national studies, to sophisticated and complex online research projects, to major on-going media studies. Michael knows every methodology for delivering project efficiencies, problem avoidance and insightful data and on time delivery
  • Offices in Hong Kong, Sydney, China & Singapore with focus group and field briefing and full general office facilities
  • Data Support Office to be opened in Vietnam in 2012 to provide 24 hour support for clients
  • All Anovation directors have lived and worked in multiple Asian countries, each for 15 plus years as research management


Quantitative research in Asia is driven by Chris Robinson, one of Asia's most experienced market researchers with a client, product and country range of experience that is prodigious; experience built up over 30 years of operating in Asia.

Often referred to as one of Asia’s leading market research gurus, Chris has carried out market research projects from Pakistan to New Zealand for almost every blue chip and major local brand in the Asian region. He has lived and run research operations in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong and has owned and operated market research operations in nine countries in Asia from Indonesia to China. He brought many sophisticated research techniques to Asia and pioneered Conjoint, Choice Based Modeling and Online research in Asia.

Chris was, for ten years, one of the owners of The MBL Group, a market research consultancy that built a strong reputation for strategic decision making research. Chris is a strong believer in research that is fully “operationalized”, built around client business objectives and decision making criteria, not data for data’s sake.


Anovation Asia has a particular capability in qualitative research. One of our Directors, Kenrick Leung’s strengths in Chinese language markets are a given. He has worked in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as market researcher for more than 20 years. Kenrick ran his own qualitative and quantitative market research operation for a number of years and has been working with some of the major international market research groups in Asia since 1988 including The MBL Group, NFO, Harris Interactive and INRA. Kenrick is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and of course English and runs quantitative and qualitative projects in all these languages.

Kenrick has placed international qualitative research projects in ten Asian countries and has been in-market to see these through from quality recruiting and moderation through to quality reporting. Research has included a diverse range of qualitative techniques from connected or mini-groups to ethnographic studies, self-report and diary studies, brainstorming and ideation research to standard focus groups.


  • Our Hong Kong office has one of the most experienced field management teams in Asia. The management team have each been involved in field management for over 15 years and their background includes high level government and major private enterprise fieldwork
  • Strategic alliance with data analytics specialists Markov-IT specializing in data storage, data analysis, automated reporting and bespoke reporting systems


  • Our Operations Director’s expertise includes the highest levels in data analysis, database management,
    data server operations and most critically in the development of client data access systems
  • Asian agent for Ruby & Laser (interactive interrogation software)
  • We also work with SPSS as a worldwide base standard and main software for online research
  • Survey Craft & ScyTab – the leading market research software in Australasia
  • Database and server operations based in Sydney


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