Our management team in Asia are not only skilled market researchers; basically we “live the life”. Our management team members were born and bred in Asia, or have lived here for decades. We have no costly expatriate staff “just passing through”. We also have the unique experience of having worked across multiple markets, not just one or two, and have actually been there and seen fieldwork in progress in Phnom Penh, Hanoi, Surabaya, Kunming and Cebu. And we are constantly amused by the instant Asia experts in Europe and the US who base their expertize on a few years in one country or worst still a few projects in the region

We know why market research in Asia tends to be concentrated in greater metropolitan areas, rather than national. We know why income reporting is misleading and how observation and ownership data can be used to correct for this. We know why traditional Chinese characters are not consistent across Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. We know where Hokkien is used and not Cantonese in Malaysia. We know why interviewing on a horse racing night in Hong Kong is a waste of time. Why know why positive response patterns in some markets need to be culturally adjusted in their interpretation. Importantly we know how to get the maximum efficiencies out of local fieldwork services that operate across 14 countries and multiple dialects in each country.

Basically we believe we will bring to your project needs an Asian and country-specific focus to market research design
and planning rather than a standardized Western overlay. And we will do it at project costs and timing that we are
sure will please you.

Our offices are in key markets with access to other countries through local research suppliers of quantitative,
qualitative research services from basic fieldwork and recruitment to full reporting.

So give us a call, send us , but get in touch!


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