There is one basic you have to get your head around when doing research in the China market … and that is there is no such market place!!

China is a land of over 9.6 million sq. km, is 5000km from North to South and East to West and has over 1.3 billion people. Its geography encompasses tropical, temperate and cool climates with deserts, mountain ranges and snowy winters. If we just think about that for a moment it is surely obvious that from a marketing perspective there can hardly be a single market called “China”!

Though the Han people make up over 90% of the people in China, the striking differences in dialects, distinct cuisines and local traditions make this a much diversified market. The Chinese are however bound together by many shared customs and traditions and most of all by being members of this new and emerging nation.

The country is divided not just be languages and traditions but also by commercial and industrial development which have been centred in the last two decades on the coastal regions and major cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, leaving many western regions and cities still slow to adopt any new marketing ideas and concepts. This is changing rapidly and to add to change, the younger aged population are clearly creating their own market segments as they leave behind many traditional ideas and values.

Anovation management are not new to China. In 1994 our President, Chris Robinson, set up one of the earliest wholly foreign owned market research operations in Shanghai, China.

Market research in China has followed the development of the economy and it has really been in recent years where marketers have looked beyond the “big 3” cities to other rapidly developing secondary cities such as Xian, Chengdu, Wuhan, Tianjin and others. Most market research firms have operations in the major cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, using affiliate field services in other secondary cities. Quality of field therefore becomes a problem as this important task gets delegated in these minor cities.

Anovation Asia have found and tested field suppliers in these secondary cities and have built up a chain of
internationally trained quality suppliers, recruiters and qualitative moderators. Our supplier affiliations in the
three major cities through Anovax Shanghai are tried and tested and are well supported by many foreign
brands doing such complex studies as Usage and Attitude Studies, Continuous Brand Tracking, Car Clinics,
Ethnographic Studies, Ideation Generation, Taste and Sensory Testing, Advertising Pre-testing and
Packaging Design Research


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