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It is a little known fact, but Asia coming late to market research actually has given us an edge on data management in market research. Back in the 60’s and 70’s all software for data analysis was based on the IBM punch card format of 80 columns and 10 digits. This format persists to underlay almost all market research in Europe and the USA. And it is basically terribly inefficient both from a specification and survey change perspective.

Imagine a simple image battery made up of brands, attributes and ten point rating scales. Under these old card-based systems this data is captured as “flat data” or one card per brand. Whenever you want to run complex analyses e.g. comparing brands by attribute by say “top two box” scores, the data specifications are a complex exercise taking many hours of even days to run.

In Asia, Anovation also use data systems that are directly derived from the questionnaire. There are no columns or code numbers and questionnaires are easily changed without the mess of having to include “out of sequence” column numbering. This concept enables us to “loop” these relationships such as brand/attribute/rating into easy to spec and easy to run data formats. This makes data output a dream – minutes not hours. And if you need formats like Excel, SPSS or other structures our software can output to those formats any way.

In recent years a sophisticated data exploration tool has been developed by Anovation in the area of online search. The unique tool we have developed is our own proprietary meta-search tool (M-Searcher) that can search the web in double byte and Unicode languages such as Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Korean. Our international clients are often unaware of the marketing situation for their products and brands because the feedback they get is isolated to English language search. With M-Searcher we are able to provide detailed local language profiles of the current market situation for their product category and brand.

Anovation manage a major data storage service in secure facilities in Australia. Here we hold client data as raw data and also
as tabulated reporting. This is updated continuously and has very secure 24 hour backup. We also have very
sophisticated data analysis software that enables us to run, basically on the fly, any tabulations a client may
request, within minutes. We have a full suite of statistical analysis software for correlation and factor analysis,
multiple regression work, brand-mapping and tree-diagramming and structural equation modelling.

And the good news – no charge for these data analysis requests! Your data is there for you to interrogate
any time and at no extra cost to you.

We like the challenge!


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